Wednesday, May 13, 2009


  America's Next Top Model is one of those things that definitely reminds me of college!  We used to gather every week at Shell's apartment to hear great quotes such as "This is not America's next top best friend!" (thank you Jade).  Not only was the show enteraining (Tyra get's crazier and crazier every season), but they company was equally as entertaining.  Tessa would be in the corner doing crunches, Erika would either be yelling at the TV or making her famous pizza dip (yum!), and shell and I would come up with fabulous nicknames for each contestant!
  Well, I am no longer in college, but decided to relive the memories :)  My fave was already voted out, so tonight I am rooting for Alison.  She looks crazy, but I like her better than the rest.  I mostly watch the show for Ms. Jay and his ever growing bow tie!


Shelly said...

ahhhhh you just brought so much JOY to my heart!!!!
oh the memories of ANTM!!!!