Friday, April 30, 2010


World's largest dog? Or smallest horse?

I Gotta Feeling...

There is a distinct feel of summer in the air. I don't know if it was the bike ride in the park that kicked it off, or the Thai iced tea I had yesterday...
Summer coming brings up all sorts of fabulous memories from my childhood. When we lived in our Ashburn house (I moved there in 3rd grade), we lived on a long cul de sac with 59 kids living on it! I'm not kidding... we recounted today. It was the ideal place to grow up in the summer. We would ride our bikes everywhere, play in my friend Anna's playhouse, walk around the lake behind our houses, play foursquare, watch Clue, have water wars, and play capture the flag when it finally got dark. We would go from house to house getting snacks, lunch and water breaks, only returning to our own homes for dinner. At one point, not one person had a fence in their backyard so we could run freely. Unfortunately my summers are no longer that blissful. There are some things I am really looking forward to though.
It is now socially acceptable to wear my flips everyday!

looking forward to cheesy summer movies!

We used to road trip a lot as a family. This year I think those trips will just be to a from Pismo. You better believe we'll be listening to John Denver though.

and I of course cannot wait for summery iced teas (preferably next to Kenz's pool)... : )

Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Annual...

It's official! We are now in the process of planning our first annual camping trip!

this is what I picture happening...

this is what will probably actually happen!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"I think Justin Bobby took your ticket..."

Trust me. I know how cheesy this is. Today is the premier of the last season of The Hills. Now to understand the connection I have with this show, you need to realize I've been watching this group of people since Laguna Beach. It started when I was a senior in high school (and so were they). So, in a way, I have grown up with them.

the cast of Laguna Beach

It's actually one of the reasons Jeanna and I bonded too! We both loved Laguna Beach and watched the 2nd season premier together in her dorm room! That show also made up fight quite a bit. Ha, we used to argue over Team Kristin and Team LC (we even almost bought shirts at Holister to declare our view!). I have also stolen many fashion/beauty looks from the Hills! I can credit Lauren fully for my cutie cute side braid and plaid shirts.

my hair inspiration

It really is sad that it's ending, but it's been so fun. And I am of course most thankful for the introduction of Justin Bobby into my life.

can you believe that under all that crazy, he's actually attractive?

Can't wait for tonight! I mean, if it's Jeopardy worthy, it must be pretty good : )

And let's not forget the awesome music, and of course one of my favorite quotes of all time...

"Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach. I know you don't want to call that your boyfriend."
~Lauren Conrad

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Fave...

I've been obsessed with the song on the commercial for that new movie Oceans. Then I randomly heard it on The Hills. It's called Wonderful by Gary Go... seriously listen to it... it's completely addictive.

I'm THAT person...

I should apologize to everyone in my life. I have officially become that person who is obsessed with their dog! Here are some of the signs that led me to that conclusion:

1) I take far too many pictures of him (and then post them on facebook, which is even worse!)
2) I do my best to incorporate him in my daily activities.
3) Most of my "good" stories involve him.
4) I am ridiculously proud of myself for teaching him to run next to my bike (which is DARLING by the way!) and high five! You would think he was actually doing something helpful.
5) When people compliment him, I act like a parent (we were at the park yesterday and 3 people commented on how good/cute he was. I thanked them and gloated.)
6) When I buy his treats at the store I am genuinely offended when people don't ask about him (they usually always ask at Trader Joe's!)
7) I just shared my breakfast with him.
8) I blog about him.

I never thought I would be this person, but look at that face! How could you not love $50 Henry? (thanks for the nickname Shell!)

(This is one of Henry's many puppy pictures! Aren't you glad I didn't post all of them!)

Friday, April 23, 2010


I love Toms... I think I own the absolute cutest pair of Toms ever made! But now I need this shirt! How much do you love it??? If you didn't hear about the back story - Toms did "barefoot for a day" to encourage awareness of how many children in the world don't have shoes to wear... and now they have this fun shirt!
p.s. my birthday is rapidly approaching (hint hint)
and shell, you can't forget about my "eat your veggies" shirt from ruta's!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I know I say this over and over, but... I love rain!
Rain storms make me think of the awesome thunder storms we would get in Virginia. When the lightning would get really crazy, our family would sit with the front door open staring at it, hoping we wouldn't get hit by any. I certainly miss crazy thunder storms!

Pride & Prejudice...

I pride myself in not being a "Jane Austen Girl." You know, one of those girls who base their life choices on a book, look up to Elizabeth Bennett as the ultimate heroine, and are truly looking for their own Mr. Darcy. Sadly I was basing my knowledge of Jane Austen on reading one book, Emma, in high school (and by reading I mean skimming and watching Clueless), and watching all the movies (spoken like a true Californian). So, when my friend suggested we actually read all of her books, I decided it was a great challenge. We have only tackled 2 of the books (Sense & Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice), I have truly enjoyed reading the books. It has not made me an "Austenite" though... it's done a bit of the opposite. While I thoroughly enjoy the stories and the books, they did not live up to what "Jane Austen Girls" have made them to be. For example, I found Elizabeth a little more of a dumb girl than she is usually portrayed, and I was not wooed by Mr. Darcy. I really don't think it's that hard to be civil in all company - I don't care if you are shy. So, here's to finally being in a book club that doesn't suck! We were actually discussing which book to tackle next and Deb suggested David Sedaris : ) It's OK to be jealous.

Friday, April 16, 2010


What a gorgeous day!
This is my idea of perfect weather...
Thank you Southern California!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Last Lioness...

Disclaimer: I have an unnatural LOVE for nature shows.

I will watch and appreciate just about any nature show, but I have found a series that I am ridiculously in love with. It's Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. We've just been TiVoing it for 2 weeks, but I am hooked. I think part of my obsession comes from my disillusion that all animals are my friends. This weeks show was about the last lioness in Liuwa Plain (in Zambia). They call her Lady and she really is the last Lion in this particular area. All the other lions were killed off {mainly by poachers}. Lions are highly social animals, so it is really amazing that she has not only survived for years, she has actually been thriving {there's an independant woman for you!}. The guy who did all the filming for this documentary was actually there to tape hyenas. Since Lady was so lonely though, she began forming a bond with him and his camera crew. She would approach their car and eventually became trusting enough to follow them to camp. She began to come sleep in their camp every night. The guy who filmed everything said he would fall asleep to her purring every night! He was much smarter than I would have been and maintained his distance though. He had high hopes that he would be able to somehow help her. And he eventually did. After months of searching, he found 2 male lions hundreds of miles away and transported them to the Liuwa Plain {which was quite an ordeal}. Long story short {too late} he was able to integrate all 3 of these lions together, and Lady is no longer a loner! I was so ridiculously moved by this that not only did I cry, I had to call and tell the story to both of my parents! Now I want to be a wildlife photographer. You are all invited to visit me and my animal friends in Africa!

note: The above picture is an actual picture of Lady! Other than a few scars she is in perfect shape!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


How cute would these be in my new room? I may just have to add these to my "portrait wall."


"Ladies get their way - Bitches don't."
Words of wisdom given by Brent from the Amazing Race

Friday, April 9, 2010

Life is What You Make It...

We are finally going to see Daniel Tosh tomorrow! I am so ridiculously excited... I hope I don't laugh so hard I cry - he tends to do that to me.

No Pressure, but...

Yesterday, I was driving with my mom and one of my great aunts. We started talking about elaborate weddings and how they have gotten so out of hand. We also talked about destination weddings. My mom jokingly told me not to get married too far away so people wouldn't have to pay a lot to get to my wedding. This is what my great aunt told me:

" I'll travel anywhere to go to your wedding, Megan... if you don't wait too long."

Ha... no pressure or anything.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I hate hassles! I know everyone does - but i REALLY hate them! That's been the worst part of unemployment. I have thoroughly been enjoying my time off, but they like to make you jump through hoops to get your unemployment insurance... Well today was a huge hoop! I received an "invitation" a couple weeks ago to go to the EDD office... it was not really an invitation because it was not optional. I was told I was going to meet with someone to go over my resume, ways to find jobs, etc... That turned out not to be true at all. It was really an hour and a half session with 30 people. They told us many times, "It's not you. It's the economy." I'm still not exactly sure what the point of it was, but I got some EXCELLENT people watching out of it! We were riding up in an elevator to get to our classroom when this very homeless looking skinny man in skinny jeans yells "Someone spray some WD40 this elevator is SCARY!" I have honestly never wanted to be not stuck in an elevator more... that's when the prayers started : )

I also loved seeing what everyone decided to wear. I don't know about you, but I never find a sparkly turtlenecked tank is appropriate. Neither are basketball shorts, wife beaters, or see through shirts! Other highlights include this scary veteran staring at me with hatred (I swear I didn't do anything!), the bald headed guy sitting next me with the smoothest looking head I had ever seen (it took every ounce of will power not to pet him), and of course the Robert Downey Jr. look alike (Yes please!). So all in all I learned nothing, but had a very pleasant afternoon watching the crazies!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Current Faves...

I am currently reading this book. I love it so far. The only way I like the South is in literature... I'm only kind of joking about that.

Since I received news of the impending move I have been looking for fun artwork for my walls. This definitely qualifies.

I love the new show Parenthood! So good... go watch it!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter...

Thursday, April 1, 2010


This is what my Thursdays look like!

from left to right: Mom, Grandma, Aunt Helen, Aunt Virginia

How lucky am I!