Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm 23...

So, I've been 23 for a while, but I've been a bit of a slacker... Maybe because I was recovering from my fun filled birthday weekend/staycation!
I had to work on my birthday, which I was bummed about, but it turned out to be a blessing! My coworkers decorated my cubie and made me gluten free chocolate cake AND rice krispies!!! They also sang : ) It was actually almost impossible to actually do any work that day b/c I was having so much fun!

Then I got a call from our security officer that I had a surprise waiting for me at the front desk... My dad had gone and got me Starbucks!
Shortly after, I got another call that my friends were here with GORGEOUS flowers and another starbucks (gee, I think my friends and family know me pretty well!)

Then I headed to the Diz to collect my $69.00, have dinner with the fam, and meet my dear friend Shelly for the Haunted Mansion!

When I got home from the Diz there was a package waiting from my brother (he has great timing!) with Moth podcast CD's!!! Luckily I was able to listen to a bunch that night because I was too wound up to sleep!

That was only the start of bday fun though! The next day my parents left for vacay... so I started staycay!!! Staycation started with dinner at the Whole Enchilada, Massages at Happy Feet, and dessert and hot tub at Kenzies! We woke up the next morning for belgian waffles, mimosas, and a trip to the zoo!

The following day was church followed by lunch/pedicures/The Hangover (which almost requires a post of it's own!)

In all honesty the rest is a semi blur... there was lots more eating, singing, Slumdog, The Bachelorette, laughter, shopping... Go to Shelly's blog... I'm sure she remembers :)

This is a HUGE thank you for all of those who participated in my birthday! It was definitely one of the best I have ever had! So far 23 is looking pretty good!