Saturday, November 28, 2009


You know those moments when you just wish a friend was with you? I always feel that way when I have embarrassing moments by myself... for some reason just the presence of someone else validates your crazy behavior. Well, I had a semi embarrassing moment last night. I decided to go for a walk (by myself) in my new neighborhood. I decided to cross the street at a stop light, so I approached the button you press when you want to cross. Right after I pressed the button I felt something DROP ON MY HEAD then I felt the spiderweb across my face! I am not normally to scared by bugs, but I am not comfortable with a giant spider being on my head! So I proceeded to FREAK OUT and flail around like a crazy person. The car next to me must of that I was completely sporadic. I managed to regain my composure... but I still felt like a fool as I crossed the street with everyone staring at me and I swore I could feel spiders crawling all over me all night!