Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mouse Trap

I was walking over to get soy milk from the pantry the other night and I encountered a little surprise... a furry little surprise. There was a mouse sitting on the box of trashbags just looking at me. He was very cute, but I certainly did not want him near my soy milk... so I came up with an ingenious plan. I taped a trashbag the floor and a little bit up the edges of the door and proceeded to try to scare him with a stick! It took several attempts and some team work, but the mouse ran into the trashbag and we captured him! I fell a little bad about throwing a live mouse away, but all in all I'm pretty impressed with myself:) Who knew that I was an inventor:) (or am I just pest control?)


Shelly said...

wow babe! that is definitely IMPRESSIVE! no screams of terror or attacks with a broom handle - you are my hero!