Sunday, November 9, 2008

Life is Grand...

* Black bean taquitos
* Dave and Busters twirly cups
* Superbad
* Daniel Tosh
* Dog Park with Henry
* Movies and Dinner with friends
* Goth day at Dland (I'm so not even kidding)
* "Staycations"

What an amazing weekend... Good thing this is a short week at work, b/c I am so not rested!


Shelly said... was a BLAST!!!
erika might have to sleep on a pile of boxes because my room is far from ready for her - but at least we smiled and laughed all weekend long!
iloveyou SO much gan! and thank you for being such an amazing adult friend...i am tremendously blessed to have you in my life!
see you TOMORROW with KITA! :) hahah!YAY!