Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Alcott got it all wrong...

First off, Let me start by saying that I am a HUGE fan of Little Women.  I am currently re-reading the book, and I have just declared Little Women as my favorite movie of all time (this is a big deal).  However, I think Louisa May Alcott was mistaken in her choice of men for the March girls.  Here is my quick synopsis of the men of Little Women:

Mr Brooks = Boring... (No Mom, Boring does not equal good)  I seriously do not get how anyone could like him...  Meg is way too good for him

Laurie = PERFECT... Theodore Laurence is absolutely fabulous in every way... He is fun, adventurous, smart, but still kind and sensitive when needed... and of course he was rich :)

Professor Behr = Pretty cool guy... Smart, well educated... Not right for Jo

If I wrote the book Meg would marry the professor, Amy and Laurie are actually  a pretty good match, and Jo would be single forever and live with Beth...  But I'm not an author...