Sunday, September 20, 2009


In honor of her birthday I thought I would write a special post about my bestie, Jeanna!
Jeanna and I met our freshman year at CBU. We were living on tbe same hall so we briefly met the first day of school, but out friendship really began when we were at new student retreat in the mountains. We literally got off the bus and never separated the whole time we were up there! We bonded instantly :) When we got back we quickly made a pact to be roomies, and we ended up living together for the rest of college! We had oh so many adventures... like the time she tripped and fell over the curb in the rain, and the time we went to go see Matt Costa and she jumped over the couch to get a picture with him, her asking "Sharun" to sing to us at the beach, our many trips to CVS to get sunflower seeds and iced tea, midnight trips to get orange bang, the time she totally embarrassed us in front of "aviator" ("megan, that's him!"), watching tons of TV, fighting over team Kristen and team LC, going to starbucks almost every single day to see if we would get the cute guy at the drive thru, watching never been kissed every single day, seeing Joshua Radin and having him sing to us, endless shopping trips and just living everyday life together! I am also so happy that we have been able to continue our friendship past just being college friends! We are real friends now :) I am so blessed to have you in my life Jeanna! I love you bestie!


Jeanna Bautista said...

Aw! you're so sweet bestie! This blog totally made me cry of course :) thank you! I love you!