Saturday, September 5, 2009

Long Awaited...

Exciting news (for me)! I am officially taking my first vacation in over a year! Since I started out working as a temp I got 0 time off... I have been accruing since I have become official and I finally have enough to take a couple of days off! My mom called me at work on Thursday (which was unusual) so I called her right back. She then asked me if I could get a couple of days off in October... My boss literally left 30 minutes prior for vacation, so I had to ask my "boss boss." I don't think she quite understood my excitement, but granted it nonetheless! In October I am going to the east coast with my mom and grandparents. I'm not sure of the exact itinerary yet, but it has been 4 years since I have been back to Virginia, so I will be happy with whatever! I'm just going to be happy not to be working for several consecutive days!!!

p.s. if you had told me a year ago that I would this excited about a week off, I would have definitely found a way to stay in school!