Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Val!!!

We've come such a long way! The above picture was taken a couple weeks ago, the below was taken our sophomore year of college (we were on our way to see Tristan & Isolde!).

Today is Val's 24th birthday! It's hard to believe we met when we were only 18 years old! Val, I feel like we've been friends my entire life. I love you so much and feel so blessed that we've spent these past 6 years truly living our life together! You're an amazing person and an even better friend! I was looking through old pictures and laughing at all our adventures and good times. I love you so much friend!

We take family pictures...

We hang out in the woods :)

She's my go-to date at events :)

One of our favorite places - Urth Cafe!

On our way to Starbucks then Joshua Radin!