Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Recap...

First, I have to say that I am so sad award season is over... It's been so fun & I've actually seen a lot of the movies that were nominated/won (I should plan on doing that every year)... I thoroughly enjoyed the Oscars though. Genae came over, we drank champagne, ate dessert & commented on all the dresses & attendees! Let's get started with the most important part of the Oscars - the dresses!

Hailey Steinfeld wins for my best dressed award. I LOVED her dress! I also love that she had a hand in designing it. If I designed a dress for the Oscars when I was 14, it certainly wouldn't have been that fabulous. I thought her look was perfect for the evening & for her age.

A close second was Natalie. She looked gorgeous. The color of her gown is absolutely amazing! I think she definitely deserved the win for best actress as well. Her speech was darling.

And I'll give Mila my 3rd place. I loved the color & thought it was a really pretty choice overall.

Now that we have the dresses out of the way we can talk about the actual award show. I was SO HAPPY Christian Bale won best supporting actor! His speech was amazing! I honestly can only see him as Laurie from Little Women. Love love love!

Random - did you notice that Busy Phillips was sitting next to Michelle Williams??? Genae noticed first & we had to rewind just to made sure! For those of you who don't know, Busy Phillips is Kim Kelly on Freaks & Geeks (and she was on Dawsons Creek). I was so pumped to see her!

Speaking of Freaks & Geeks, let's talk about our host James Franco. I know everyone is bashing them, but I thought he did a great job! I thought the opening was hilarious. James looked so over Anne Hathaway the whole time (which I think we can all agree on). I also loved watching his facial expressions. You could tell he was so over it all (and probably high).
All in all it was a wonderful evening! Can't wait till next year!


Jeanna Bautista said...

That's what I said! James so had to be high!!! haha

I LOVED natalie's dress! So perfect for her! I loved even more realizing she is preggo!
I think next year, I'm going to go visit you and join your oscar party okay?

Shelly said...

oooh we have two the same!
natalie was definitely up there on the best dressed list!