Sunday, August 30, 2009

High School

I was recently going through (stealing) books that my brother left here and I came upon some oldies that I read in high school. It made me think that I probably didn't appreciate a lot of them. For example: I hated Lord of the Flies, but when I think about it - it's right up my alley. So, I started re-reading some of them. I read To Kill a Mockingbird again (I actually read that in middle school, but it's one of my fave's so I don't really care), and I just read The Great Gatsby again (still awesome)! Since I switched schools and states in the middle of HS I feel like I missed on out some too (Dorian Gray, Jane Eyre...) So I am going to re-read and read some of those that I felt I missed out on! My all time favorite book I read in HS was The Most Dangerous Game... it's a masterpiece!


Shelly said...

i read the most dangerous game my freshmen year and then had to complete an assignment where I created an alternative ending! it was one of my favorite assignments EVER! ps i can't believe you missed out on A Picture of Dorian Gray and Jane Eyre...AMAZING books!!!!!!! ahhh! ENJOY reading! :)