Sunday, August 9, 2009


I am generally a pretty even tempered person. I am usually in a good mood, but not particularly excited. Well, yesterday was one of those days where I got REALLY excited... trust me it doesn't take too much : ) I was driving looking for a gift for my dad when I came across a place called zPizza. I had read about it, and heard that they offered gluten free pizza! Since I haven't been able to eat gluten, pizza was one of the hardest casualties to deal with b/c there is really no good substitution... So I ordered my delicious gluten free pizza and decided to head home to eat it. On my way home I was listening to the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack (which is unbelievably good!) and heard this song that I have been trying to identify since 1999 (not really trying THAT hard, but you get what I'm saying)!!! It's the song from Never Been Kissed when they are dancing at the prom. It's by the Smith's and it's called Please, please, please let me... So by this point I am very excited... yummy gluten free food and a 10 year mystery solved! But wait... it gets better. At the end of the CD I realize that She & Him (fave status) chose that exact song to cover! It really is the little things that make life fabulous!

(I didn't take this picure, but this is the exact pizza I ordered!)