Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I’m pretty sure that I had the perfect childhood. The only think I would have changed about it would be that pony I always asked for. Since I have so many fond memories, I love things that remind me of my childhood (books, movies, places…). Thanks to reprogramming our TiVo because of the move, I can now add TV shows to that list. While my mom and I were searching for our regular shows, we stumbled across Christy and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, two of my favorite childhood shows. I am slowly working my way through them and thoroughly enjoying every minute of them! They seem so out of date, but so wonderful at the same time. I never realized how “moral” Dr. Quinn was, it seems like there are life lessons hidden (and overt) in every single episode. I have also decided that I want to move to Cutter Gap. The adventures in both shows seem to be endless. It makes me wonder (disclaimer: I’m going to be an old person here) what my children will watch. There aren’t any shows of that kind anymore. I suppose that is why you can buy the complete series : )