Thursday, May 13, 2010

Leisure World...

Leisure world parking. I have been envious of that pink 3 wheeler since I was in college. Can't wait to find that at a sale!

One of the things I will miss the most when we move is our Thursday Leisure World tradition. Every Thursday morning my mom, grandma, 2 of my great aunts, sometimes and second cousin and I get together. We start the day at Hoff's Hut for breakfast. Meredith is our waitress and she has memorized our orders, so we only have to inform her if we wish for something else. She's great! Then we head to Leisure World to hunt for treasures (literally). The sales are listed in that days paper, so we never know what kind of day we are going to have. Today was fabulous! First of all, it was the annual church rummage sale (which means tons of stuff, most of it insanely cheap). We hit the jackpot though because there were 3 other sales! We hit the rummage sale first where I picked up 4 books for $1.00, a pair of sunglasses that look like Ray Bans (also $1.00), and the most amazing thermos ever. I'm saving it for THE epic road trip. And yes, that was also $1.00.

Now my VW bus needs to match my thermos

Then we headed to John's sale. John is my favorite dealer (I realize that doesn't sound great). He's from Ukraine, so he has an awesome accent, and he always wears button down shirts unbuttoned to his belly. Let's not forget the massive scar across his chest that he flaunts. He's my fave because he always tells me I'm beautiful and gives me good prices (shallow? maybe). He had the most glorious pink bed today! He asked me if I saw it, and I told him how much I loved it. His helper then says to me,
"A girl as pretty as you would look like a queen in that bed."
Awkward. I think this is my week for awesome quotes! Keep in mind these are all old people I'm talking about. Needless to say, I paid for my elephant drawing and quickly exited.

Have you ever seen a more glam headboard? It came with a matching bench seat for the end of the bed. It was so hard not to buy!

I think one of the reasons I love LW is because it so unpredictable. You never know if there will be sales, what will be at the sales, and who you will see. We've gotten some amazing antiques, seen old people fights, and made friends with some of the the dear old folks! It is certainly it's own little world. I can't wait to live there one day!

The trolls were definitely our funniest find of the day. I wish this picture could capture the sheer size of them. They are the size of small children. No worries, we did not buy them!

After we are done shopping we always stop at McDonald's for a cold beverage. We tried the new Frappe's today. Then we head out for whatever adventure any of us can think of. They range from book stores, to the beach, to Nordies. I will really miss this tradition. But my wallet will be relieved.

I remember being so excited to see this globe when I was little and we would come to visit my great grandma Edie. I still get that feeling!