Monday, May 10, 2010

"Thanks for the shower princess."

I've now had a Disney pass since I was 16. I've been more times than most people would ever want to go. I thought I had experienced most of what Disney had to offer, but yesterday I was able to experience something new and oh so exciting. We canoed at Disneyland! I've always been envious of the canoers ( I think I just made up that term), thinking it was something you had to sign up for or something... When Caroline told me all you had to do was wait in line I was ecstatic! The line was really short, so we basically walked right down, got our paddles, and were on the next boat. The guy in front of us in line was absolutely hilarious! You could tell he was waiting all day for a willing audience. Then Val stabbed me in the toe with the paddle! When we finally got going on the canoe, we realized we were in perhaps the worst canoe ever... I think only 6 people were actually rowing, and none of us were exactly rowing together. Our guide was hilarious! He kept making fun of us and the people on shore. Well, he decided we were way too slow, so he started to paddle really hard (he was sitting right in front of me) so I stopped paddling. He made some snide remark, so I started to paddle again. Unfortunately, I was out of stride by that point, and I ended up splashing him really hard. He had water all over one side of him! I was cracking up, but I don't think he thought it was that funny. When we finally arrived back at the dock and were unloading, he was helping me out and said,
"Thanks for the shower princess. My mouth was open."