Monday, May 31, 2010


Sorry I've been MIA for a while... my life has been all sorts of crazy!
First of all - WE MOVED! We are officially in our house in Nipomo (which I will always refer to as Pismo since nobody in the world knows where Nipomo is!)

Before I moved in, I had several adventures though :)
My friends were kind enough to give me shelter for the extra week and a half I stayed. We packed so much fun into such a short time... we danced with ELLEN!

Yes, THE Ellen! We saw movies, ate a lot, rode elephants, went shopping, and even went to the movies in the Hollywood Cemetery (which is one of the highlights of my life!).

My mom then picked me up and took my to my grandparents, where we had some more fun!
Thursday night my mom and I headed to Pismo for good.
Friday I unpacked like a maniac.
Saturday morning Val & Veronica came for a fun filled Memorial Day weekend!

We adventured and explored the area. I think the highlight of the weekend for all of us was this little town called Harmony.

Only 18 people live in Harmony. Seriously. They have an amazing Pottery shop, and a glass blowing studio. It was so amazing to watch them in action. We all decided we needed to take glassblowing classes! We also went to a winery, saw sea lions up CLOSE, went to the Strawberry Festival, and explored dowtown SLO.
I absolutely have loved every moment of the past few weeks.
And now I can finally get my much needed rest :)


Shelly said...

we did have a really fun last couple days while you were here...and i am glad you loved exploring with the girls! yay!! can't wait to see you again soon...oooh She & Him weekend come soon...