Sunday, February 1, 2009

Church Moments...

This Shelley and I truly laughing and not having to hold back!

No, I'm not talking about wonderful moments in church... I am talking about those moments when something funny happens and you CANNOT laugh b/c you are in church.  I'm talking about those moments when it takes everything you have just to not burst into laughter and disrupt everyone around you.  I had one of those today.  I mistakenly thought that our associate pastor had started praying, so I closed my eyes and was praying.  Right after I started "praying" my mom leaned over to whisper something to me.  I could not believe she was whispering during prayer, so I gave her a weird look and told her to be quiet.  It turns out that we were not in fact praying, we were supposed to be singing and it looked like I fell asleep!  In other situations this would not be funny, but because of the fact that we were supposed to be quiet my mom and I were trying so hard not to make and noise, but we were laughing so hard!  Here are a couple other "church moments"

  • At a seminar for our church one night we were watching videos with different theorists and scientists.  My mom and I were getting bored, so we started playing pick or pass whenever someone new would come on the screen.  When it was my turn I got this CRAZY looking guy and she and I burst into laughter... we could not contain our laughter for this one.
  • At camp one year there was this girl sitting in the row in front of me with her hair in a sorta messy ponytail.  The guy who was sitting next to me was trying to be nice, so he went to take a hair off her shirt.  Turns out the hair was attached and her head FLUNG back!  It took me almost an hour to calm down after that one.
  • Another year at camp (this one is really bad) they were doing a final alter call.  There were lots of people up on this stage, but this one particular guy was in plain view and bent over.  I kid you not, his entire butt was hanging out.  That was probably the most inappropriate time I have ever laughed at church!
Come on, you know you have some... I can't be the only terrible person!


Jeanna said...

oh man bestie...i could not stop laughing while reading this. I had to wipe my tears just to get through each story. lol.