Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I've Been Tagged...

Thanks for the tag Shell!  Here are my 4's...

4 Dishes I like to cook

*I don't like to cook...
*I heat things I get from Trader Joe's
*Or I eat string cheese
*I need to learn to cook

4 Qualities I LOVE in people

*A heart for God
*Can hold an intelligent conversation (and sometimes shallow... there has to be a balance)
*Interesting in some way...

4 places I have been

*Paris (le sigh)
*Idaho (ha, it's not too exciting, but I've driven through it!)

4 Things in My Room

*Comfiest Bed Ever!
*More clothes... they seem to be taking over my room!

4 Movies I have seen recently

*Slumdog (Amazing)
*Revolutionary Road (Amazing + I could listen to Leo all day)
*Rachel Getting Married
*Confessions of a Shopaholic

4 People Who Have Impacted My Life

*Can't pick just 4...

4 Music Artists I Listen to Often

*She & Him
*My brother
*Ryan Adams

4 Favorite Beverages

*Chocolate Soy Milk
*Iced Hazelnut Lattes
*Iced Tea

I'm tagging... Val and Jeanna!