Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's in Your Purse???

I always love it when magazines do the "What's in Your Purse" sections. For some reason I am fascinated by what a celeb carries around on a daily basis. I also think it's funny when people try to tell your personality by what's in your purse. So here's what is inside my purse. Let's see what it says about me...

I would say most of what I carry around is pretty standard - Wallet, sunglasses, iPod, lip gloss(es), sunscreen (spf 70 of course), lotion, splenda, movie stubs, headband... pretty boring stuff. I guess there are a couple of unusual items - 3d glasses, colored pencils, rock, dictionary. Do you notice anything missing??? After going over the contents of my purse I realized I was missing 2 pretty important things. Keys and my cell phone. I'd been carrying around this exact purse with these exact things in it for like a week with no keys and no cell phone! I didn't even notice till I took the picture. That is much more telling about my personality than what was actually in my purse!


Shelly said...

did you get a new purse? that is a super fun color friend!!!