Saturday, October 9, 2010

Argyle & Apple Wine...

My dad was playing bass for a special event at church today, so my mom and I decided to make today a fun errand day! Our first stop was Old Navy because it was their 16th birthday, and they had jackets for $16. I incorrectly assumed it was ALL jackets, so I thought I was in for a major deal :) It was in fact only ugly jackets. I of course managed to walk away with a few treasures though. Including this argyle sweater:

For some unknown reason, every time I clean out my closet I throw away all argyle because I think I have too much (which of course leaves me with none!). Luckily I got this on sale, so please don't let me throw this away next week - even if all my instincts say I have to much preppiness in my closet!

After ON we stopped at a fave - World Market. They were full of fall festivities (I love alliteration!)... I've been on a bit of a fall flavor binge, so I decided to get the one thing apple/pumpkin flavored I haven't tried yet... Apple Wine.

I asked the sales guy if they had any and he chuckled... Don't know why, but I decided I would be offended. He said the only kind they had was German. I cracked it open when we got back from church & I have to say I was SO surprised by it. It tastes nothing like I imagined. It's pretty light, almost floral (do I sound like a wino yet???)... I half expected it to taste like Martinelli's. I decided to wiki it, so HERE are the results if you want to know about apple wine. I'm super curious to know if anyone else has tried it... I think I liked it, but the jury's still out. I'll have to try it a second time to know for sure :)


Shelly said...

i think it is HYSTERICAL that you always get rid of your argyle. i feel like i have a lot in my closet too - but i don't seem to LOVE it very often. maybe when winter comes i'll bust it back out. i like it with JEANS better than work pants. UHOH!
ps i feel a total lack of outfit inspiration without you! STINK!