Thursday, October 14, 2010

Target Purchases...

I LOVE Target. I haven't been there in ages though. So I had a little extra fun on my most recent trip. So here's what ended up coming home with me...

An ever-so-practical fleece zippy. I had been looking at North Face jackets and I saw them on sale at this one place for $79.00. I got mine for $15.oo! I get so cold here sometimes and I definitely need more outerwear!

I found American Teen! It's a wonderful documentary that I saw a while ago... I decided I needed this one for my collection.

And finally, a darker nail polish to welcome in fall! The only dark colors I have are grays, so I thought a deep red would be a fun change.
Love Target. Love Fall!


Shelly said...

ok i have to admit - for just a second i thought you purchased a season of "the secret life of the american teenager" and i was going to judge you - but only in my heart - because ACTUALLY judging people's television habits - well that just isn't biblical - but i'm RELIEVED to see it's a movie - whew - i can't believe i doubted you like that gan! ha!