Tuesday, October 5, 2010


While we were on our trip, we saw a few fall colors (I didn't take this pic), but that little bit was enough to get me geared up for fall. It is my absolute favorite season. I love wearing sweaters, drinking apple cider, eating pumpkin pie, and the start of the holiday season! I love it all! It does make me miss living on the east coast though. In Virginia, falls were ridiculously beautiful. I am looking forward to experiencing my favorite season in a new place though. Pismo hasn't yet disappointed.
I've gotten pretty obsessed with Polyvore.com, so I've been dreaming up fall outfits I would love to wear. This is so much cheaper than actually shopping

I will apologize in advance for posting FAR too many of my creations!


Shelly said...

oh polyvore! hahaha!
ps it rained here almost all day today - i WISH you were here and we could drink hot chocolate (your old FAV) and watch RIDICULOUS television marathons!