Sunday, November 7, 2010

Roller Derby...

I know I'm a little late on this one, but I just saw Whip It! It was so amazing!

I'll have to be honest... My favorite part was the roller derby names... The team name was the Hurl Scouts! Their individual names did not disappoint either. There was Babe Ruthless, Smashley Simpson, Eva Destruction... Totally awesome.

My family is strange, and we have been coming up with our own roller derby names all day. Here are some of our favorites:
Ellen DeGenocide
Paris Killton
Miley Cyclone
Reba Smackintyre
Taylor Swift-Kick in the ass

Just a typical day for the McAlpine's :)


Shelly said...

i CANNOT believe i saw a movie before you! i laughed a LOT during this flick. i can't remember now who i saw it with. is it strange that i automatically assume i saw every movie with you????

James Amparan said...

Hurray! That’s what I was exploring for, what a stuff! Thanks for the post.

Kind Regards,

James Amparan
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