Monday, March 1, 2010

Bucket List...

A good friend and I were recently talking about bucket lists. I have never made one, but have definitely thought about some of the things that are must-do's before I cease to exist. This time, my thoughts drifted elsewhere. Instead of thinking of random things I would like to accomplish, I started thinking about entire lifestyles and careers. Since I was very young I've been an animal lover, I always wanted horses, goats, sheep, pigs... That love has not waned a bit, it has just broadened... So, with all reality pushed aside, I would like to express my dream to one day own my very own farm! Here's what it will do:

I'll raise goats and sheep for milk! I would love to make my own artisan cheeses and sell them at the local farmers market, to local shops, restaurants, etc...

I would also love to grow my own flowers and produce for my own enjoyment as well as to sell at the farmers market!

Since we're on a farmer's market kick... I would love to raise bees and make my own honey! Yum!

And to complete the barnyard fantasy... I will ride my trusty steed around my beautiful land and we will talk about how grand our lives are!