Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Shellifer!!!

Today is my dear friend Shelly's 25th birthday!!!

Shell and I met my freshman year at Cal Baptist... she was on my hall - and possibly the loudest person I ever met! As we became friends we were able to share so many good times together... from watching Lizzie and eating pizza strips, to smuggling in wine for chicken and crunchies! We spent A LOT of time just chilling in school ("That's what Jesus would freakin do!"), and we really developed quite the friendship! We even had our very own Christmas branch one semester!

I am so happy that our friendship has only grown since college! We are now adult friends and living the absolute best lives! There is no one in the world I wold rather adventure with! It's hard for me to even qualify our friendship... We have so many amazing memories, and so many amazing plans for more! We have truly lived life together!

Happy 25th to my person!

I love you so much!

p.s. I thought it would be fun to use only OLD pictures! So many memories!!!


Shelly said...

ahhhh my heart is FILLED with happiness as I look at this! the pictures are HYSTERICAL and you're right - you're my person. which is WHY i start to cry when I think about not living everyday life together anymore. I am going to trust that God has an incredible plan for the next chapter of our lives - even if yours is in PISMO. He knew before he brought us together at CBU that we would be an INCREDIBLE DUO...that our adventures together would be BETTER than adventures alone...I can't wait for tonight and tomorrow and ALL the days that are yet to come! ILOVEYOU!! YOU ARE MY AMAZING FRIEND...