Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We are going to see Ellen tomorrow! After so much anticipation, it's hard to believe it's actually going to happen. I've been watching the show to study her games and guests, hoping to get really great guests when we are there... I have of course created my dream show though... Here's to hoping this is what we find at the studio tomorrow!

The cast of Freaks and Geeks

Joshua Radin will be the musical guest

We'll enjoy a reading by David Sedaris

And we will of course win all expense paid vacations to Rome!

Can't wait to see you Ellen!


Shelly said...

so if we're on the friday show - we'll see Taye BEAUTIFUL piece of man...if we're on Monday we'll see Pierce I guess we're alright either way! HOWEVER on TUESDAY (just ONE DAY after we are there) Kristen Chenoweth (GALINDA from Wicked) will be there and so will THE BIRDS and the BEES....SO SAD!!! SO SO SO SO SO very sad!