Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Remember Me...

Sunday afternoon I went to see Remember Me with Kristal, Jeanna, and Val... And then I remembered what it is like to see a movie with Kristal... As soon as we were seated she needed to go to the bathroom... as soon as we got back she started chatting! Jeanna even yelled at her one time during the previews... The funny thing about sitting next to Kristal in the theater is that she talks and conjectures, asks to hold your hand, stomps her feet (in scary movies)... but it doesn't aggravate you in the slightest... She somehow makes you want to do all those things throughout the movie as well... So I would like to formally apologize to everyone who was in that theater with us, but we had a grand time!

One of the topics of discussion was the hotness of Robert Pattinson... after some doubts, I have to say that I have officially jumped on the bandwagon!