Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I hate hassles! I know everyone does - but i REALLY hate them! That's been the worst part of unemployment. I have thoroughly been enjoying my time off, but they like to make you jump through hoops to get your unemployment insurance... Well today was a huge hoop! I received an "invitation" a couple weeks ago to go to the EDD office... it was not really an invitation because it was not optional. I was told I was going to meet with someone to go over my resume, ways to find jobs, etc... That turned out not to be true at all. It was really an hour and a half session with 30 people. They told us many times, "It's not you. It's the economy." I'm still not exactly sure what the point of it was, but I got some EXCELLENT people watching out of it! We were riding up in an elevator to get to our classroom when this very homeless looking skinny man in skinny jeans yells "Someone spray some WD40 this elevator is SCARY!" I have honestly never wanted to be not stuck in an elevator more... that's when the prayers started : )

I also loved seeing what everyone decided to wear. I don't know about you, but I never find a sparkly turtlenecked tank is appropriate. Neither are basketball shorts, wife beaters, or see through shirts! Other highlights include this scary veteran staring at me with hatred (I swear I didn't do anything!), the bald headed guy sitting next me with the smoothest looking head I had ever seen (it took every ounce of will power not to pet him), and of course the Robert Downey Jr. look alike (Yes please!). So all in all I learned nothing, but had a very pleasant afternoon watching the crazies!


Shelly said...

i can't believe you don't LOVE the sparkly turtle neck...come on is ALL the rage!!