Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"I think Justin Bobby took your ticket..."

Trust me. I know how cheesy this is. Today is the premier of the last season of The Hills. Now to understand the connection I have with this show, you need to realize I've been watching this group of people since Laguna Beach. It started when I was a senior in high school (and so were they). So, in a way, I have grown up with them.

the cast of Laguna Beach

It's actually one of the reasons Jeanna and I bonded too! We both loved Laguna Beach and watched the 2nd season premier together in her dorm room! That show also made up fight quite a bit. Ha, we used to argue over Team Kristin and Team LC (we even almost bought shirts at Holister to declare our view!). I have also stolen many fashion/beauty looks from the Hills! I can credit Lauren fully for my cutie cute side braid and plaid shirts.

my hair inspiration

It really is sad that it's ending, but it's been so fun. And I am of course most thankful for the introduction of Justin Bobby into my life.

can you believe that under all that crazy, he's actually attractive?

Can't wait for tonight! I mean, if it's Jeopardy worthy, it must be pretty good : )

And let's not forget the awesome music, and of course one of my favorite quotes of all time...

"Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach. I know you don't want to call that your boyfriend."
~Lauren Conrad


Shelly said...

oooooh lauren's braid is seriously legit! love it! mine never looks quite that good - but i also do mine myself - i don't need a stylist :) hahaha!