Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Last Lioness...

Disclaimer: I have an unnatural LOVE for nature shows.

I will watch and appreciate just about any nature show, but I have found a series that I am ridiculously in love with. It's Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. We've just been TiVoing it for 2 weeks, but I am hooked. I think part of my obsession comes from my disillusion that all animals are my friends. This weeks show was about the last lioness in Liuwa Plain (in Zambia). They call her Lady and she really is the last Lion in this particular area. All the other lions were killed off {mainly by poachers}. Lions are highly social animals, so it is really amazing that she has not only survived for years, she has actually been thriving {there's an independant woman for you!}. The guy who did all the filming for this documentary was actually there to tape hyenas. Since Lady was so lonely though, she began forming a bond with him and his camera crew. She would approach their car and eventually became trusting enough to follow them to camp. She began to come sleep in their camp every night. The guy who filmed everything said he would fall asleep to her purring every night! He was much smarter than I would have been and maintained his distance though. He had high hopes that he would be able to somehow help her. And he eventually did. After months of searching, he found 2 male lions hundreds of miles away and transported them to the Liuwa Plain {which was quite an ordeal}. Long story short {too late} he was able to integrate all 3 of these lions together, and Lady is no longer a loner! I was so ridiculously moved by this that not only did I cry, I had to call and tell the story to both of my parents! Now I want to be a wildlife photographer. You are all invited to visit me and my animal friends in Africa!

note: The above picture is an actual picture of Lady! Other than a few scars she is in perfect shape!