Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's A Wonderful Life...

So, I had a small town adventure today that was so fun & so very Christmassy! My friend called me this morning and invited me to a special showing of It's a Wonderful Life at a tiny little theater called The Fair Oaks! We arrived (in the rain), donated our can (they were doing this all as a canned food drive for the women's shelter), and settled in for some wonderful Christmasness (making up words here). I haven't watched the movie in it's entirety (without talking through most of it) for years, so I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it again. Even better than the movie was the atmosphere. The Fair Oaks is the most DARLING little theater in downtown AG. It has one screen. How cute it that? What other movie theater let's you in free with a donation of canned food? I am loving this little town more and more. After the movie it was still pouring, so we got coffee & Mexican food and sat outside to watch it rain. What a perfect day!

p.s. I couldn't help myself when it came to that picture. I apologize :)


Shelly said...

it's a wonderful life is my dad's favorite holiday movie. i like it a lot too - but there are some boring parts - so personally i stick to "my" holiday classics - you know, The Holiday & Love Actually...i just have to remember not to receommend them to people over the age of 30 - of they won't be appreciated (ooops!)