Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Few Things...

I am totally feeling the maxi dress trend. It is SO WINDY in the Central Coast, it's the best option for wearing a dress... Oh & you don't have to shave your legs :)

I love this pic of Henry sleeping on my bed in his shirt! He likes to look out the window & huff at people (he's not really a barker, he huffs)...

Fancy braids!

I think I need this ginormous flower! It's so fab & it's hot pink!

First thought - Gross
Second thought - I want to touch them
Third Thought - I'll take one!


Shelly said...

the maxi dress is AMAZING...especially if i could find some pretty ones like that! maybe this is the year i graduate from the cotton maxi and find the classy maxi!!

ps WHAT are those things...seriously...i want to touch one too...do you think they're slimey??? i'm glad you don't have one. henry would definitely be scared and huff a LOT!