Friday, July 23, 2010

Camera Phone...

I often take pictures with my phone thinking they'll be of some use... Usually I do nothing with them though. At best I send them to someone else... So here are the things I think are interesting enough to take a picture of.

Val and I love to go to Barnes & Noble, drink warm beverages, chat, and read as many magazines as we can stand. This particular night, we had the most scrumptious hot chocolate... the barista topped it with mounds of whipped cream, white chocolate shavings, chocolate sauce, and dark chocolate bars.

Can you catch the typo?

He's my favorite when he's sleeping.

My little wall vignette... unfortunately I didn't get to pick my wall color this time. All of the artwork except for the one in the left corner was found at Leisure World.

He's a strange dog... he loves to be told he's pretty. I can dress him in almost anything as long as I tell him he's beautiful. Here he is modeling some Lilly Pulitzer PJ's... he has great taste.

I spotted this at Anthro in Santa Monica. It was featured on the show Man Shops Globe (it follows the guy who is in charge of buying all the found pieces for Anthropologie... so interesting to see where he goes and what he buys!).


Shelly said...

i LOVE the "M" on the center of that wall! AMAZING!!!! good work - you are like pottery barn status! :)

katie said...

cute wall arrangement!