Wednesday, July 21, 2010

She & Him weekend...

It's good to be back! I've spent the last week in various parts of Southern California. We came down and spent several days with my grandparents and even got to visit with 2 of my great aunts! We literally shopped till we dropped, ate, and shopped some more! I feel so fortunate to be able to spend this time with my grandparents. Did I mention they might be the funniest people alive? Going to stay at their house instantly feels like vacation. Since I grew up 3,000 miles away from them, we would spend summers out here. So I was in vacation mode as soon as I walked through the door last week!

I spent the weekend with these girls though! Shelly had bought me a ticket for the She & Him show for my birthday and it was FINALLY time for it! The day started off a little sleepy because of our late night pool party at Kenz's house (it was SO hot!). I perked up when we got to my church though! It was so great to see everyone!

After a fun filled afternoon in Santa Monica, we boarded a bus (I know! So scary, but we totally survived without any huge problems - Shelly did get something gross on her hand though) and headed to the Hollywood Bowl. Everyone had been telling me how much I would love the venue, but I didn't expect it to be one of the best places ever! Seriously it was so picturesque! The weather was nice, the trees were surrounding us, we had an awesome view of the Hollywood sign, and we had great snacks! What could be better? We also saw people hike down the hill and park themselves there for the concert! They are my hero's! I want to figure out how to climb that huge hill!

The opening band was The Bird & The Bee. They were alright. Fun energy and totally enjoyable. The people behind us were probably their biggest fans though. So much obnoxious love was flowing from their drunk selves.

Then came She & Him! I don't know how it's possible, but they exceeded every single expectation. They sounded great live, did all their best songs, and were exactly what I imagined!

And finally, came Swell Season. I had no idea I knew who they were until I read the program! They were from the movie Once. They actually won an Oscar for their song on that movie. They were incredible! They were the pleasant surprise of the evening. Luckily by the time they were on, the drunkards behind us were too drunk to talk, so we were able to listen in peace! What an amazing show and an amazing night!

This is my favorite picture of us singing a long! Both She & Him and The Swell Season had sing a long portions of the night. SO FUN!


Shelly said...

undoubtedly epic!