Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My current obsession right now is hot chocolate! I bought some in Trader Joe's and this crazy lady came up to me telling me all about what kinds I should try. While I was very anxious to get away from her craziness, she did raise some curiosity in me. So when I ventured to World Market (one of the most fun places ever!) I headed straight for the hot chocolate section. I was so surprised to see all the different kinds they had! I decided to be non committal and buy 3 single servings instead of 1 regular size. I bought Mexican hot chocolate, Dulce De leche white hot chocolate, and salted caramel hot chocolate! I tried the salted caramel last night and it did not disappoint! And to further my hot chocolate obsession, I read that Starbucks is making it's signature hot chocolate into an ice cream! That may be a little more season appropriate :) Although let's not kid ourselves... I would never turn down a hot chocolate.


Shelly said...

i have 3 packages of the cocoa with marshmellows @ that house...perhaps you'll have to indulge in one this weekend! :) i might also have some pop-corn...but you know, that isn't my favorite!

m.fay said...

sounds wonderful, yum!

hope you stop by and say hello.