Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dreaming Again...

I finally saw Eat, Pray, Love. I really enjoyed it, but found myself distracted by planning my very own year long trip. In the movie she goes to Italy, India, and Bali. I believe she spends 4 months in each place. So I created my own imaginary Eat, Pray, Love trip (although I'll have to rename mine based on the places I travel I guess).

I will surely keep Eat in my travel title. That's what I plan to do through all of my first stop, Italy. Gluten free pasta & vino please!

France will be my second stop. I'm thinking either Shop or Art might be good keywords for this country. Or just Croissant.

And I will end my year in South Africa. This could possibly be the best stop of the year. My word for this place? Elephant of course!

I have a feeling that Eat,Shop,Elephant won't be as big of a hit though :)


Shelly said...

oh don't fool, shop, elephants will be a FANTASTIC book - that stems from an INCREDIBLE adventure blog - that is sponsored by Tim Gunn after we are bailed out of jail for stealing enough stuff from anthro to comprise our entire wardrobes.
there it is again. DREAM STATUS!