Thursday, August 5, 2010

Family Outing...

Back when I was in Santa Monica, I got a 40% off coup at Gap. It was only good for 3 days, and I certainly was not going to let that one go to waste. My mom and I decided that neither one of us wanted to parallel park (parking in SLO is not terrible, but definitely not as easy as we're used to), so we waited for my dad to get home and made it into a family outing!
While at Gap, I actually had a hard time finding something that was not on sale (in order to get the discount, the item had to be full price). I did discover these little gems though! Pardon the picture quality. I just thought they were quite possibly the most glamorous moccasins in existence. And even better than that, they are comfy and fit my pitting edema foot :)

After my successful shopping trip, we found this awesome little food place called Mondeo (or something like that). My friend Veronica had actually pointed it out a while ago, and said that it was amazing. She was so right! It had a very casual environment, but the food was awesome. We started with sweet potato chips (which were a little warm and chewy in the center! Yum!), and I had Swordfish with rice and veggies in a butter macadamia sauce!

I love spontaneous fun nights! I also love discovering fun new places!


Shelly said...

ps i forgot about that coup! i probably missed out. big surprise. oh's to not spending money while SAVING it! :) hahaha! LOVE COUPS!