Friday, August 20, 2010


When we got home from my grandparents we had stacks of magazines waiting for us! Love it. One of the magazines I got (which I honestly don't even know if I subscribe to) is People Style Watch. I love it because it has the trendiest of the trendy things to look at. Of course I'm not going to like all of it, but it's fun to see what's going on in the world of fashion outside of Nipomo (I'll blog about that another day.). Well one thing that struck me from this issue was a picture of Megan Fox's nail polish. Each nail was a different shade of gold's/creams/tans. It was actually really beautiful. I scoured the net for pictures, but couldn't find any. The only one I found with the same idea was this:

I don't know that blue would be my first choice, but I think I may like the gradation. One reason is that I get bored pretty easily. I used to change my hair color when I got bored, but am trying to be more practical now. I think I'll ponder on this trend for a while... My main issue is that it reminds me of middle school when I painted every nail a different (BRIGHT) color. That's fine for middle school, not any place outside of middle school.
p.s. That is not my hand. Rest easy, I don't own anything Hello Kitty.


Shelly said...

thank you for the reassurance about hello kitty. i was nervous!
and i'm not sure how i feel about the color...seriously...but if ANYONE could pull it off - YOU COULD! :)